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Sat Nam Rasayan — The Art of Healing

Sat Nam Rasayan in Sanskrit means’ “deep relaxation in the Divine Name” or “rise to oneself to the essence of True Identity”. Sat Nam Rasayan is a traditional way of healing based on self consciousness alone.

The specific aspect of self consciousness, on which is based the fundamental principle of Sat Nam Rasayan, is the full ability to feel. Sat Nam Rasayan is a meditative technique and, at the same time, a precise way of healing.

The Art of Healing through this function of meditation is called the projective meditative mind. The person who chooses to be healed experiences the natural state of mind typical of the yogi; accessing the possibility to experience and the possibility to enhance the ability to contain what happens.

The origins of this ancient technique, which has been transmitted for centuries in silence from master to disciple, are unknown. It’s currently spreading thanks to the hard work of
Guru Dev Singh, Ph.D., the only custodian and master of the tradition which he learned, by the end of 1970, through a traditional initiation method directly from Master Yogi Bhajan. Today Master Guru Dev Singh heals and teaches throughout in the world.

He established and follows personally Sat Nam Rasayan’s school. The school has thousands of students in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe.

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Sat Nam Rasayan

I have been studying Sat Nam Rasayan since 1999 and in 2006 I passed the Level III exam to train as a teacher in this ancient healing art.

I had been a student of alternative healing practices, always on the lookout for something to help my son who was born with a genetic neurodevelopmental disorder called
Velo-Cadio-Facial Syndrome. There is no cure for my son Ben’s genetic condition but I have found in studying Sat Nam Rasayan that healing can transcend fixing something. When you can help bring harmony, balance and peace to what is ill at ease the results can be profound in unexpected ways.

Of all the healing modalities I have studied and utilized on behalf of my son, Sat Nam Rasayan goes to the heart of the matter with no side effects.

I offer Instructional / Healing Sessions by Appointment at:

The Yoga Source
1540 4th Street (at F St.)
San Rafael, CA 94901

For additional information, please contact me.

Sat Nam Rasayan Contact Information:
In the United States:

Center for Contemplative Awareness
Objets D’Art & Spirit
7529 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90046
Phone: 1-323-436-0264
Fax: 1-323-436-0831

Kirpal, Vice President
Sat Nam Rasayan International

Reading Materials:

Sat Nam Rasayan – The Art of Healing
By Guru Dev Singh & Ambrosio Espinosa
Edizioni e/o Via Camozzi, 1-00195 Roma
Can also be ordered through the
Center for Contemplative Awareness

SNR Transcripts of Annual Retreats
Contact Ms. Sharon Nelson c/o

Aquarian Times –
   Yoga & Health, Vol. 5, #4 July/Aug 2006
   “Healing Across the Hemispheres”

The Yoga Journal
   “How Yoga Saved My Life”, August 2000