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Poseidon  | By Deborah Darling Gray
Creativity – The Golden Bridge
This is an ongoing class for adults, artist and non-artist alike, who want to explore their own spirituality and creativity through the medium of putting paint on paper. The emphasis will be on painting as an intuitive process instead of an activity designed to produce a product. Free from judging and evaluating, students will be guided on the path of creative self-determination over the “golden bridge” connecting self to aspects of life we find difficult to quantify.

Creativity Is Your Birth Right
  • Did you ever say to yourself something like, “I don’t have a creative bone in my body!”
  • When your friend asked if you had ever thought of writing did you respond, “I’m not creative.”
  • Have you ever shot an inspiring photo, made an amazing collage and then promptly turned to the person next to you feeling compelled to add, “I am not an artist.”
  • Did you listen to yourself and wonder, “Where did I get that idea?”
Creativity Is Your Birth Right is a practicum. It’s a safe environment organized around the premise that the creative spirit is alive in each and every one of us. After denying our creativity in so many ways we may feel like it’s hard to get at. How do we jumpstart this magical thing?

You will be provided with paint, paper, lots of room and guidelines – not rules – in order to bring us back to this most vital and fundamental aspect of self. Meet that old friend who left town after the 3rd grade art teacher tore the blue crayon out of your hand. “Apples aren’t blue!” she said… Well, we’ll see about that!

Previous artistic training or experience is not required – in fact – it may make life a whole lot easier!
All materials are supplied.

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